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X-Factor “X-Factor”” has been a life-long dream and a deep-level passion of all involved. We want to bring validity to all aspects of high school player development and football recruiting in the Texas central region as an understanding of the recruiting process is just as important as being a part of it.

X-Factor Prep was created for young inspiring athletes to have a platform for their talents to be evaluated by colleges in search of football talent. We truly believe that there is a place for any athlete who pursues to play college ball the right way. X-Factor Prep will step in as the change agent to make the connection between prospect and college/university through our services. Academics, credentials will be as much of a requirement as prospects talent.  We expect each prospect to retain and apply all the information that X Factor Prep facilitates through our programs to develop the entire package these colleges seek. Focus, consistency and working hard are traits necessary to reach your ultimate goal, anything short of that will be an uphill battle for any prospect. Division I, HBCU, Div. II, Div. III and JUCO College programs all seek these traits as much as they seek football talent. We will assist in helping athletes with all the tools needed to succeed as a student-athlete, and on the field. We will put a focus on under-recruited areas and expose those prospects to those who make scholarship decisions.

XFP Camp Series

 Our objective for our camps is to prepare you with all the player development skills required by the college level. Our position by position camp (XFP All Skills Camp, XFP Big Uglies & XFP QB Skill Camp) focus is in place to evaluate each football prospect, compare the field performance during their football season and film. As coaches and scouts, we will send invites to all prospective football players to our XFP Top Dog Regional Ranking Camp in July. XFP will build your profile with all information gathered. We intended to send you home with a personal skill evaluation of areas you can work on and get better at.

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Big Uglies, All Skills, QB Skills

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